Field Trip to The Farmers Branch Rose Garden

Yesterday I went to create a banner for this site and I realized I had no good photos for the purpose.  Since the title of the blog is Roses on My Balcony, and I’ve only ever had the one rose bush, I knew I needed to find some more rosy pictures.

It’s very easy to do a Google image search for roses and just use whatever comes up, but most of those images are copyrighted.  Using them for what will soon be commercial purposes would be stealing and I’m not at a place where I’m ready to invest in buying stock photos.  I needed to create my own.

The City of Farmers Branch maintains a lovely rose garden that is currently in full bloom.  I headed there this morning to take photos and this is what I found:


Somehow I always manage to find the library.  I think it’s my superpower.  This little free library is the first thing I came across at the park.


I normally prefer red roses, but this type is called Poet’s Wife and that was so beautiful.


This picture seemed so great and then I couldn’t get it right.  Past that metal fence is one of the oldest graveyards in Dallas and framed between the trees is a church steeple, but the church is white so it got washed out against the sky 😦


This is a very interesting star-shaped flower.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t labeled, so I don’t know what it is.


I also walked around Keenan Cemetery, located right next to the rose gardens.  Keenan Cemetery was established in 1843 when Thomas and Sarah Keenan lost their two month old son, John, and needed a place to bury him.  This is John’s grave and his parents are just beyond.  Cemeteries are often portrayed as creepy places, but I think they are beautiful.  They are good places to contemplate and honor people of the past.

If you are interested in visiting the Farmers Branch Rose Garden, check out their official website.

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One Response to Field Trip to The Farmers Branch Rose Garden

  1. Captain Google says:

    Looks like the star shaped flower is a Hymenocallis

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