DIY Kitchen Spray


Recently, I obtained a food handler’s license for my job at the church by taking an online course.  One of the things the course covered was how to properly disinfect surfaces using a bleach solution.  Sure enough, when I got home and looked at my bottle of bleach, it had instructions for how to mix a bleach solution for disinfecting kitchen surfaces.

I used this to wipe down my kitchen counters for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t doing a a very good job cutting though grease.  I added a couple of drops of dish soap and that solved the problem.

I like this spray because it uses ingredients I already have on hand for other purposes.  I don’t have to invest in another product.  It is also roughly the same surface disinfectant used in commercial kitchens, which makes me feel like I can trust it more.

To Make the Spray

Clean out an old cleaner bottle or obtain a new one.  I used an empty 409 bottle which I cleaned out VERY WELL.  This is important because 409 uses ammonia and when ammonia and bleach mix they produce poisonous gas.  I made sure the spray bottle was very well washed out.  I know Wal-Mart sells empty spray bottles in the cleaning section for this purpose as well.

Second safety tip: label your bottle.  Even if you live alone, label your bottle.  A friend or family-member might be helping you clean one day and they’ll need to know what’s in there.  You could make a fancy label, or you could just write on the bottle with a Sharpie like I did.

Mix the bleach and water in the spray bottle according to the directions on the bleach bottle.  I can’t give exact measurements because your bleach may have a different level of concentration.  My bleach gave directions for making a gallon of disinfectant, but the spray bottle only holds a quart of liquid.  I divided the amount of ingredients by 4 so it would fit in the bottle.

Add a few drops of dish soap, shake to mix, and you’re done.  I suppose you could add essential oil such as lavender if you’d like, but I prefer the lack of scent.

How I Use My Spray

This spray is safe to use on all kitchen surfaces, though not on food directly.  I use it to wipe down my kitchen counters after I finish cooking.  I also have a very large cutting board (you can see it in the picture).  I use this spray to sanitize the board after I finish using it.  I’ve also used the spray to clean the microwave and the stove top.

How will you use your disinfectant spray?

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One Response to DIY Kitchen Spray

  1. I use the same solution to clean my countertops and sinks. When I am light cleaning, I use vinegar, water, and a drop or two of Dawn dish soap.

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