Selective Minimalism

I maintain a fairly small wardrobe.  This is mostly out of necessity since I share one small walk-in closet with my husband and he takes up half.  In true minimalist style, I turn all of my hangers around some time during winter and around Christmas, donate everything I haven’t worn for the past year.  Recently, that hasn’t been much.

I strive to have fewer clothes but I also try to make sure the ones I have are high quality.  I’m considering writing a post on how to spot high quality clothing at thrift stores.  If you’re interested, please let me know in the comments.

So here’s my secret: I try to only buy a piece of clothing if I need it for a specific purpose or if it’s going to become my new favorite thing.  You know; it’s the [insert article of clothing here] you want to wear multiple days in a row because it makes you look so darn good and, on top of that, it’s super comfortable.

I told my rule to a friend once and she said, “If I did that, I’d buy the whole store!”  I can respect that, because that’s exactly how I feel about yarn.  I have yarn stuffed in the weirdest places.  Where most women would have shoes or sweaters in bins under their beds, I have yarn.  There is a bookshelf in my living room that is a yarn shelf.  Don’t worry, we have plenty of books too.  Most of it comes from other people clearing out their stashes or crazy sales, but the fact that I’m gearing up for a handcraft business doesn’t account for the amount of raw material I have.

And I love it.  As a child, I used to fantasize about winning the entire stock of a craft store.  It is one of my dreams to own a yarn store where fellow crocheters and knitters can gather and make beautiful things over the coffee I will provide.  I recognize this is weird (even if it’s not nearly the weirdest thing about me).

For some women,  the minimalism trend is a revelation.  I would not have been able to pare down my wardrobe to it’s current size without the encouragement of other lifestyle bloggers, but I’m keeping the yarn.  To borrow words from the Konmari method, it gives me so much joy, even if it does clutter up my living space.

I call my style selective minimalism.  When it comes to organizing your space, you do you.



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