So Many Projects…

I did it.  I started a blog, gave myself a schedule, and started writing.  People that I didn’t even know before started following me (Hi guys!).  I was figuring out affiliate links.  Apparently Hillary Clinton was advertising on my pages (not something I have control over; it’s the price I pay for free blogging space).  I was on my way to being a professional writer.

Then I ghosted.  Right at the beginning of a week-long project, I gave some cryptic explanation of how there were a lot of changes in my life and I’ll be back soon and please don’t forget I exist in the meantime.

scared kitten tangled in pink yarn

Much like this kitten, I felt overwhelmed and surrounded by so many things to do.

So here’s what’s going on:  we’re buying a house!  That would be enough on it’s own.  Everything moves so fast.  I thought we would look for homes on the weekend, find one we like, negotiate a little, done.  Did I say “everything moves so fast?”  Our search for a home is a tale of love and heartache and soul searching and shock.  Touring houses and doing various kinds of research became all-consuming.  We’re under contract and I’m still bracing for the possibility that everything could fall through.  Because everything moves so fast.

We planned to start looking for a house around this time.  It was planned chaos, but it was still chaos.

But clearly that wasn’t enough.  I’ve been planning a craft business launch since before we started looking for a house.  Here it is:

St Lydia's Fine Textiles and Gifts

The above is a link to my Etsy shop.  I’ll also be selling next month at my church’s craft fair.

It has to happen now or it won’t happen for another year.  I’ve done craft shows before and I’ve never sold much in the summer.  If the business is going to work, it needs to be up and running for the Christmas season.

So, I haven’t abandoned you, dear readers.  There may be a lot going on, but that also means I have a lot of subjects to write about.



P.S. I haven’t forgotten about kitchen week.  Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to show you my brand new (to me) kitchen.

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